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The Lovely Lives of Fiz, Hadz, Lanny & Carl.
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16th-Mar-2008 04:50 pm(no subject)


what??? omg what??? what what what??? ... hahaha
yeah ... i fianlyl got off my lazy ass and wrote some (ok thats not entirely true since i do tend to sit when i am writting stuffff ... hah)
28th-Jan-2008 05:35 pm - UPDATE


“What news do you have for me on such an evening?” The red eyed man asked, in a voice that would mesmerize any mortal.
“Gather them all, I have information.” The hooded figure rasped. The smile on the man was replaced by a grimace.
            “You dare order me? Such insolence.” The man snarled.
“Never would I dare to cross you my lord, I merely request an audience with the court.” The hooded figure reasoned, un phased by the man’s ferocity. There was a silence, and at long last, the man’s smile crept back to his face.
            “Then I shall grant you your request.” The man said and the bowl went black once more, yet the lingering sound of music was still in the air. Moments later the music ceased and the man’s voice returned.
            “Two have neglected to answer the call.” The man’s voice barked out into the ears of people scattered across the land. Two in the vast forest of Varadin had yet to respond.
“And it will remain to be so my lord.” The hooded figure rasped. The man remained silent. A third voice penetrated the silence.
                        “May I be so bold as to suggest a name?” The slick voice of a young man in his late teens rang out.
                        “Nope.” Hadley replied simply and started to walk towards the town’s many buildings.

<insert goat noise here>
28th-Dec-2007 11:02 pm - is that an update i smell?
i hope you cant smell it, eewww. 

YES AN UPDATE... wowwww.... um huh some re-capping should be done here (yay passive voice) BUT that's not gona happen. 
so yeah... im lazy... if you have questions, you know where i live. 

Davon jogged back to his wagon where his drunken friends were just waking up, facing the horror that is a Sunday morning hangover.  
Chapter Seven: The fatal hand
                        “May I be so bold as to suggest a name?” The slick voice of a young man in his late teens rang out.

k now its your turn. be inspired, and go write a ton, so then i can in return write, and the cycle will... be cycling.. *cough* 

suggestions? comments? corrections on poor grammar and other things of that nature? bologna?
6th-Dec-2007 04:08 pm - nuuuthing compares!!!
to a human touch!!! 


uhmmm yes ... im trying to catch leann up ... haaa
3rd-Dec-2007 06:24 pm - why do my pants do funny things????
iiiiiiiidk ... jsut read it ho!!!



2nd-Dec-2007 03:51 pm - since its been a month ...
thought i would post somthing
15th-Oct-2007 06:53 pm - stupid internet security
“So only your family can do it?” Keely asked jealously.
“Not exactly, were just about the only ones in Uoradia that can. The way my dad explained was that you have to have the properties of an element in order for it to obey you. Take my hair for example. That and you have to know the language.” He said simply.
“Two?” was all Hadley was able to choke out.  

LOL only 390 words. YUS
14th-Oct-2007 08:05 pm - update, wut??
LAST TIME ON... <insert story title here>
recap.. so umm some lady stuffs an amulet inside darcy's book from her aunt's attic. 


“Do we just stay on the wagon the entire time?” That and you have to know the language.” He said simply.

some feedback would be nice.
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